Windows Mobile Smartphones


  • There is no response when I tap or touch the touch panel.  1. Do the following:  Use the stylus to calibrate the touch screen: Start> Settings> System tab> Screen> General tab> Align Screen and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the calibration. Note: To ensure an accurate calibration, only use the stylus, do NOT use your finger or thumb. 2. Simultaneously press the Action and IE buttons to enter Align Screen if the touch screen is unresponsive due to incorrect alignment. 3. If the Device Lock function is on, do a hard reset of the device and then calibrate the touch screen. 
  • HTC TyTN II Master Reset Procedure: Power off the device. Long press and Hold the Left/Right Softkeys. Use the Stylus to press the reset button once and then remove the stylus. Continue to hold the left and right shortcut keys until the screen changes. Press the Green Call/Answer button on the keypad to reset the device to factory settings.


  • How do I set Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet?  Tap Start > Settings > Connections tab > Comm Manager. Then Tap WLAN (or Wi-Fi) to turn on Wi-Fi. After turning on Wi-Fi, the device searches for available wireless networks in your area. Follow screen instructions to proceed. When connected, use Internet Explorer Mobile to surf the web. 


HTC Touch / HTC Touch Diamond

  • Soft Reset  While the device is powered on, insert the stylus into the Reset button located on the bottom of the device to the right of the USB port.
  • Hard (Factory) Reset  Select Start > Settings > System > Clear Storage. Type 1234 in the box and tap Yes. Note: This will erase all information on the device and restore it to factory setting.
  • Turn On/Off Bluetooth  Start > Settings > Connections tab > Wireless Manager > tap the Bluetooth Icon.
  • Turn On/Off Wi-Fi  Start > Programs > Comm Manager > tap the Wi-Fi Icon.
  • Turn On/Off flight mode  Start > Programs > Comm Manager > tap Turn on Flight Mode/Turn off Flight Mode (note: signal icon changes to X when phone is in flight mode).
  • Modify the backlight time-out period  Tap Start > Settings > System > Backlight>Battery power/External Power tabs. Note: default is 30 seconds when not in use. External power default is 1 min.
  • Close running programs and/or to free up additional memory  Tap the Task Manager shortcut (drop down icon in the upper right corner of the Today screen). Select desired action from drop down menu.
  • Automatically close applications when the “X” is tapped  Start > Settings > System tab > Task Manager > Button tab and select “End Programs” by tapping “X”.
  • See the menu of programs, applications and settings  TapStart
  • Move cursor or highlight items on the screen  Use the center navigation key.
  • Open or select items  Use the included stylus.
  • Open Phone Screen  Press the green Send/Talk button and tap
  • Make call  Tap numbers to dial > tap the green Send/Talk button.
  • Turn mute on/off during call  Qwerty Keypad: Tap the Mute/Unmute button
On Screen Keypad View: Menu > Mute/Unmute.
  • Switch between Speakerphone and earpiece during a call  Qwerty keypad View: Tap the Speaker Phone on/off button
On Screen Keypad View: Menu> Speaker Phone on/off.
  • Lock the device screen and keys  Tap Device Unlocked.
  • Return to the Today Screen  Press End button (unless on a call) or Tap X on any screen. If OK is in top right of screen, tap OK, then X.
  • Change the sleep settings  Start > Settings > System tab > Power. On the Advanced tab of the Power settings screen, you can specify when your device turns off (to conserve battery power).
  • Switch to/from sleep mode  Press the Power button once.

HTC Magic +

  • How do I restart my phone when a program is not performing properly or the phone is not responding to any key presses? Press and hold the END CALL/POWER button for 3 seconds. When the Phone options menu appears, tap Power off. Tap OK when prompted to turn off the phone. Press the END CALL/POWER button again to restart the phone. If the phone is not responding to any key presses remove the battery for 3 seconds and then reinsert the battery and turn on the phone.
  • To perform a Hard Reset on your device: With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button. Wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button. Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press POWER. Press VOLUME UP to start the factory reset.
  • How can I tell what version of software my device is running? From the Home screen select Menu > Settings. Next select About Phone > Software Information to view the details.
  • I set an unlock pattern on my device and don’t recall what it is. How to I unlock my device? If you set an unlock pattern and don’t recall what it is and you have set up Gmail on your device, after your 5th failed attempt there will be an option for ‘Forgot pattern’. Select it and enter your Gmail email address and password, draw and confirm a new pattern and select continue. The new pattern will be saved and you will again have access to your data. If you have not set up Gmail or do not recall your Gmail login information, you will have to hard reset your device and reconfigure it for use.
  • How do I connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi? On the Home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks. Select the Wi-Fi check box to turn Wi-Fi on. The phone will scan for available wireless networks. Tap Wi-Fi settings. Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect. You may be prompted to enter a network key if required. Enter the network key. If correctly entered, under Wi-Fi it will say connected to (Network Name)
  • How do I turn on/off Wi-Fi? On Home screen, press the Menu key > Touch Settings > Touch Wireless controls > Touch Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi on or off by adding or removing a green check mark in the check box.
  • How do I turn Bluetooth ON/OFF on my device? From the Home screen, press the Menu key>touch Settings > touch Wireless & networks>touch Bluetooth to turn Bluetooth On/off.
  • How do I pair my device with another Bluetooth device? From the Home screen, press the Menu key > Touch Settings > Touch Wireless controls > Touch Bluetooth to turn Bluetooth on. The device will search for Bluetooth devices and display a list under Bluetooth devices > Touch the Bluetooth device that you want to connect to > If required, type the PIN and touch OK.
  • How can I improve my phone’s performance when it is acting slow, sluggish or is not responding as fast as it used to? To improve your phone’s performance, from within the Browser press Menu > More > Settings > Clear cache, Clear history, Clear all cookie data, and Clear form data. Also under Settings > SD card & phone storage verify there is enough space to run applications. You can uninstall an application or clear its cache in Settings > Applications > Manage applications. You can also remove the battery for 3 seconds and then reinsert the battery and turn on the phone.
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